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Fresh After 40

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Get Publicity You’s Simple Steps To Get Your Personal/Professional Brand Into Top Fighting Shape and Create a Brand New You!



Learn how to market your mastery and go from bland to brand.

A personal and professional marketing manifesto for people over forty. Learn how to market yourself effortlessly with class, sass, style and consistency.  E-lessons + Mastermind Group Sessions.   You are never alone!

Fresh After 40 is a program for people who want to kick their personal and professional brand up a few notches. Are returning to the workforce after a break? Trying to get a new job or promotion? Just haven’t had any professional pizzaz for a while or didn’t grow up and learn how to market yourself in the selfie generation? You can’t dominate your domain and move ahead without a strong image and a kick ass consistent message. I will teach you how to develop a memorable and marketable personal and professional brand without hiring a full on PR team (you have me!).

It is for women and men over 40 who want to learn how to get current, get noticed, get clients and make more money. Learn how to stand out and grab the spotlight with class, sass and style. Most importantly – learn how to market your mastery and make more money.
Have you ignored your personal brand for the last decade?

Do you know what your brand stands for?
Do you have a brand?
Are you image impaired?

Do you know how to tell people what you stand for personally and professionally?
Are you re-entering the workforce?
Changing jobs?
Shooting for a promotion?
Trying to get part time work in a new world?

Overwhelmed by digital choices and don’t know where to focus your precious time and energy?

But lacking in confidence?
Overwhelmed by the modern workplace?
Making critical marketing mistakes?
Want to move your brand from drab to fab?

If so, this course is for you.

Are you ready to:

Be memorable in your marketplace?
Understand how to market your mastery?
Get polished, professional and organized?
Shake off a drab image?
Share your story?
Excel at social media?
Make more money?

Shamelessly promote yourself with style to get paid what you are worth?
Ready to promote and market yourself to win?

Fresh After Forty will show you how to become at ease with technology and allow you to take your rightful place in the workforce – and slam the competition.

Simple Ninja Focused Steps To Get Your Personal/Professional Brand Into Top Fighting Shape and Create a Brand New You!

Learn How to Market Your Mastery

You have probably been working long before social media and the internet existed but have found that you are lost in in all the white noise… but make no mistake, you are extremely capable and experienced.

At the end of this course, your inner Millennial will be best friends with your experienced self and working in harmony to create a powerful marketing plan and image that will get you more work and more money.

Over five weeks, you will become confident about using social media, and learn storytelling tips from Plato to Pixar that still work today and that are guaranteed to help you sell yourself or your products to success.

You will never be unsure of where you are headed again, and you will always stay on target. Your personal and professional brand will sing like never before!

Fresh After Forty is your blueprint to the next stage of your productive, passionate and powerful life. So if you want to be a great competitor and in the game for the next ten or twenty years, get ready for your personal marketing manifesto. It’s time for Publicity You! It’s your time to shine!

At the end of this course you will be a brand new you.

It is time to turn your golden years into gold. Market your mastery to win.



What is your Personal Mission Statement?
How to write a perfect Mission Statement and slay the competition.
Tips for writing it.
How to market to the next 12 months, and use your calendar wisely
Why your mailing list is your ultimate tool
The reason consistency is key
Refine and review


What living in a visual world means, and why you must embrace it
How the right image can inspire confidence and win you work
First impressions and why they are so important
Updating your image to suit your brand…and your age
Headshots, avatars and photos
Why you must showcase your accolades.
Freshen up your work environment to win


If you have a life you have a story. What is your story?
How to tell a winning story that speaks to your future
Separating the personal and professional and then blending them back again
Update your bio.
Why you need to ditch the negatives
How to speak in soundbites
It’s time to bust a myth
Take what you know and make it work for you
Prepare to show your personality


What happens if people Google you – and why that matters
Make friends with technology – or hire someone to do it for you
What social media platform should you use?
The difference between the major platforms
How to use Social Media to your advantage
Planning your Social Media strategy
Social Media – how to separate personal from business
Go niche to go big
Storytelling on social media – EASY story telling tips that have worked from Plato to Pixar.


Update/edit your Resume.
Take a look at your website – does it truly represent you?
How to interact on Social Media
How to interact face to face (business cards are still important).
Approaching strangers, workmates, journalists, bloggers and influencers
Have your a, b & c stories ready
Take time out to build your network – get the numbers up!

Enroll in Fresh After 40 Training and you get:

INSTANT access to the online training featuring advanced instruction on how to Market Your Mastery, get current, get noticed, get clients and make more money!

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Bonus #3: A one-page marketing plan template. This is a stand-alone tool worth thousands of dollars but most importantly, will save you a lot of time.