Make Your Business Even More Likeable: Facebook Marketing Tips


Using Facebook for marketing your business has been around for a long time, but using Facebook for marketing your business the right way is an entirely different matter. Bombarding your clients and followers with photos and tweets without a clear strategy will not take you where you want to go, which is straight to the bank. Using the tips below has proven to be useful for millions of small businesses out there so make sure they are included in your Facebook marketing plan.


Keep it short and sweet. Recent research has shown that the ideal length of a Facebook post is around 40 characters. Keep that in mind the next time you want to inform your Facebook friends and followers of your latest business activity or that one-of-a-kind deal you will offer your customers this month. On Friday, your Facebook post will probably generate the most engagement activity, which is not surprising given that most people think Friday is the best day of the week because it gives them that end-of-the-week-party-all-night-long type of feeling. Further, the type of content that generates the most shares on Facebook are photos, so if you want to use your Facebook in the most productive way, focus your time and energy on posting the types of photos that will educate, entertain, inspire and delight your followers. Make your photos fabulous.


Most people will like between 1-10 pages, so even though big numbers play a huge role here, make sure your content is top notch. Wonder whether to have a contest or offer a deal on your Facebook page? About 35% of Facebook users will like a page to enter a contest vs. 42% that will like a page to get a deal. Whatever the deal is,make sure you follow through, treating your followers the way they deserve – with plenty of love and respect. They will enjoy your positive energy and sincerity in the way you conduct your business and return the favour by buying your product or service.


On average your business stands to make about $1.25 from every Facebook referral. Bearing in mind how many people use Facebook, the revenue you can generate from Facebook referrals can be astonishing, provided you engage your clients, friends and followers in some interesting conversations. Be professional just like you would be at your store or in your office. About 35% of customer questions on Facebook go unanswered, which is business thrown out the window right there. Treat the people who visit your page like you would your best clients and watch your business grow. As your Facebook page is an extension of your business, your associates will definitely appreciate your diligence. With over half a billion Facebook users and over 25 million of those being small businesses, Facebook serves the world to us on a silver platter. It is up to all of us to make the most out of what it has to offer. Surly you’re not expecting to make money watching cat videos?


Facebook probably has one of the largest sources of marketing data in the world. Use it well and use it wisely. Know your key audience and use Facebook to target them effectively, dillegently and respectfully.


Businesses nowadays are practically doomed without a first-rate online presence, a clear plan on how you want Facebook to help your business is just as important as a good business plan. Running a business is all about productivity, crunching numbers, and servicing your ideal customers.  Making the most out of your Facebook  page is a great way to socialize with your audience, get vital feedback, engage with customers, and connect with new ones. Thumbs to your  success!

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