Artist, Get Your Sh*t Together


If you are looking to translate your art into a successful career or steady revenue stream, you need to start looking at it as a business. In this introduction Margot Black explains why it’s important you take ownership of your career, and how to do it without being overwhelmed. She also explains why she is the best person to help you navigate this exciting time in your professional life.


In this second lecture Margot tells you how to map out where you are heading. Artists succeed because they have a clear vision, a business plan and are not afraid to get out there, whether it’s to network or seek out others who can educate them. Margot explains how combining your artistry and business acumen will inspire you to go from ‘unsure’ to ‘sassy-ass’ in no time.


Margot looks at why it’s so important that artists are able to deal with money, something that is so often a dirty word in the creative industries. She explains how you must get clear on payment, packaging and promotion, and also explains how important it is to make sure that you are easy to buy from and easy to pay.


This lecture looks at how you can work towards being a successful commercial artist, how to stay on your path, and also remain dedicated to your craft. But just as importantly, Margot discusses how to make your work accessible, how to be organised, and also to take a good honest look at where you are in your career.


Margot asks, ‘What is your compelling marketing story?’ She explains how to work out what that is and how people can receive it. Plus, how to create an experience for your customers (Walt Disney knew how to do that and it sure worked out for him), and make your audience part of your experience. She also explains how to get into the press, and what the press want from you.


Artists are often shy about self-promotion but all successful artists are fantastic marketers, connectors and storytellers. In this final lecture, Margot looks at how you can promote your business, and why it’s important you always forward plan. She reveals how you can get your marketing out to your audience at the right time, and how to do it consistently. Plus she explains why your mailing list is your most important tool, and why the customer is always king.